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水彩 +
Choy Yat Chun Anthony
Born and raised in Hong Kong,
Choy Yat Chun Anthony is an avid sketcher
and watercolor painter who finds joy
through sketching around the streets
of Hong Kong and flower painting.
He is an active local post-80s artist,
also a member of International
Watercolor Society and an exhibitor
at local cultural festivals. Since 2012,
he began to use pen and ink pen
to sketch differentsubject whatever animal,
portrait, cityscapesor countryside scene.
The black line can reflect his emotion to the
drawing object and you can feel different
expression from the width of the ink
line. Since 2016, he began studying
watercolor and flower becoming
the major object. The series of Hydrangea
paintings is the signature of his portfolio and
now he is exploring different techniques
to depict the beauty of flower, so he went
to Thailand and Taiwan for visiting several
flower painting masters to study
and sketch everywhere in 2017.



+2018. 2nd International Watercolor Festival, Nepal
Date: December 3-9, 2018
+2018. Mini Castella Exhibition, Slovakia
Date: August 25 to October 21, 2018
+2018. First International Watercolor IWS Czech Festival
Date: August 3-9, 2018
+2018. Hong Kong and Taiwan Exhibition
(香港台灣水色聯展)Hong Kong Exhibition
date:5 -8 Apr ,2018
+2018. Urbino In Acquarello Festival
2018 (Italy) Urbino Exhibition
Date:29 Apr – 2 May, 2018
+2018. Fabriano in Acquarello
Festival 2018 (Italy) Fabriano Exhibition
Date:3 -7 May, 2018
+2017. 2nd International Watercolor
Society Pakistane 2017
“Pearls of Peace, Season II”
Pakistan Exhibition date:14 – 18 Feb, 2018
+2017. 1st International Watercolor Festival
in UAE UAE Exhibition
date:22 – 24 Feb, 2018
+2017. 2nd International Watercolor
Society India Biennale 2017
“ Harmony Through Watercolor 2017”
India Exhibition date:9 – 14 Dec, 2017
2019 Albania Super Tirana
International Watercolor Biennale
Date: 20 -30 Sept 2019


2019 III International Watercolor
Festival at Slovenia
Date: 24 Aug - 6 Oct 2019


Watercolor Festival, Myanmar
Date: 29 Jan - 1st Feb 2019


2018.“Our Wonderful World”
International watercolor
exhibition Ukraine Kharkiv


This is another Conservation project
for traditional Hong Kong buildings
which aims to aware public to know
more about our traditional buildings (
唐樓 ). We are going to recruit
around 100 people to sketch the
different building in Shum Shui Po,
all drawings can be combined
together to form a large scale of
Hong Kong street and apply for
Guinness Record



水彩畫家:蔡逸俊(Choy Yat Chun Anthony)
Art composites a major part of my life and is my greatest passion. I am dedicated in sharing happiness through my drawings – It is my sincere hope that everyone could feel their inner peace from enjoying and observing my paintings.

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admin Published on 2020-3-31 17:38:50 From phone | Show all floors
very  beautiful

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zhong12 Published on 2020-7-2 20:26:16 From phone | Show all floors

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samsam Published on 2020-7-3 16:51:07 | Show all floors
congratulations Anthony!!

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