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Floral Art 1 +
Large Flower Art

Designer:  Team FLORAL BLOOMS
Time:  2018.2
Material:  Flower /Stone
Production cycle: 20 days








Tobuko (榼音合)
Common name: Guojianglong

Every time I pass by the place where the
vines grow, I always like to hang
in the air, climb too many trees, and
never get down to the rattan,
to find its final destination.
Every time, always return without work.
When I walked into the dense forest,
I found that it was divided into three
trunks on the ground and spread in
different directions. No wonder the
whole forest top has its shadow.
Be careful when entering the dense forest.
There is a worm inside,
which will swell up a lot after being bitten.
Tan Fujiko is a plant that needs attention
in China. Because of its medicinal value,
its seeds are sold in the market.
Distributed in Tai Po Kau,
Mao Ping and Hai Xia in Hong Kong.

Floral Blooms
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Floral Blooms作為花藝設計品牌,致力於提供多樣化的室內花藝設計。 奢侈品牌是我們期望呈現的形象,希望所有客戶都能滿意並發揮自己的優勢。 量身定制的鮮花和佈置是高質量,迷人和有價值的設計。 我們還為商業和住宅區提供優雅,創意高品質的絹花和綠化裝飾。 這使您的環境更具活力和獨特性,從而挖掘出更多的商業可能性。 優質的量身定制的服務,適合所有讓您夢想成真的場合,通過大氣享受生活。 定性的產品和創意可以為您帶來有意義的生活方式。 Floral Blooms as a floral design brand, strive to provide diverse interior floral design. Luxury branding is our image that we expect to present, hope all of customers would get satisfied and reach their superiority. Bespoke fresh flower and arrangements which are high-quality, stunning and valuable design for the one. We also provide elegant, creative high-quality silk flower & Greenery decoration for commercial & residential area. That brings your environment be more vitalising and unique that excavate more commercial possibilities. Excellent tailor-made services, suitable for all occasions that makes your dream living, through the atmosphere to enjoy life. A qualitative product and creative idea bring you a meaningful lifestyle.

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