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Stand out with high quality
Explore floral arts and crafts, including painting and art design.
Art like Club was established in 2019. It is a floral platform that includes the collection and display of designers such as floral art, handmade art, and including painting. We believe that Hong Kong is an international city, where Chinese and Western cultures converge.
The basic structure of modern European-style flower arrangement, elegant interpretation of classical concepts, and introduction of modern line design and various design concepts.
The nature of painting can be natural and figurative (such as still life or landscape painting), photographic painting (abstract painting), abstract painting, narrative, symbolist, emotional or political.
At present, the development of handicrafts is flourishing. Various materials at your fingertips can also create a variety of handicrafts, and many organizations can allow you to participate in handicraft stalls or markets, develop your own network, and have opportunities. As long as you learn this craft with your heart, you can also create your own sky!

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