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Craftsmanship +
With an exquisite skill, you can create your own sky!
Welcome to subscribe to share, work harder, just to make you more satisfied. Various materials at your fingertips can also create a variety of handicrafts, and many organizations can allow you to participate in handicraft stalls or markets, develop your own network, and have opportunities.
Add elements of play, art, and personal style to a boring, immutable work environment, change the old-fashioned corporate culture, and stimulate employees' imagination and creative space The creation of wooden art brings together a wealth of carpentry artisans who guide and guide the experience of a large number of participants. It allows you to understand the process and steps of woodworking from shallow to deep, allowing you to experience first-hand the design of the work until the final assembly, one by one, to make a finished product. sense!
Carpentry, leather products, large metal crafts
In recent years, the trend of hand-made works has prevailed. Many people have fallen in love with the temperature of the hand and started to join the ranks of woodworking. They create their own unique furniture and home furnishings, creating a unique and warm atmosphere for the home space. Let ’s take a look at what are the woodworking entry tools! In addition to professional skills, a good woodwork also requires many tools to refine the decoration. This time we visited a team of happy female carpenters with more than 10 years of experience in the woodworking field. You can easily get started at home! It is mainly divided into five categories: protective appliances, manual appliances, electric appliances, hardware parts, painting finishing tools, etc. Let us introduce them for use and precautions.
Handicraft technology (including clay skills, leather skills, cloth skills)
Sculpture, wood carving, clay sculpture, stone carving, metal sculpture Painting, oil painting, Chinese painting, gouache, watercolor Sketch, print, woodcut, watermark, screen, copperplate, lithograph Calligraphy, computer painting, installation People use photography, painting and sculpture to express their past lives. Watching the tasks and scenes in these works, we can often trigger rich imaginations from interesting details and touching stories.

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