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Flower Art +
European/Japanese Flower Arrangement/ Modern line

Flower art is a medium through which people can appreciate nature, life, art and social life in people's inner world. This is the way people cultivate nature, cultivate emotion and beautify life with the help of flowers and plants in nature.

"Flower" connects life with the world, and uses flowers as a messenger, full of fragrant fragrance, comfort and comfort, and has a beautiful life texture.

Flowers and plants have undergone earth-shaking changes in our lives. We use it to illuminate the atmosphere, quiet emotions, and even use it as an environmental design and reflect personal taste, follow the evolution of the general trend, and evolve into different appearances in different eras.

Contains flower materials/techniques/various flower and leaf materials, beautiful and stylish floral design 。

In recent years, flowers and plants have been closely integrated into urban life. Jump out of the single thought of the past and enter the multi-level transformation of modern thought.

The reasonable arrangement of flower art and home furnishings will add a touch of interesting color to our lives and make the original empty environment more dynamic. It is designed for those who are interested in western floral design.

The display and teaching of professional floral art. Master basic floral design knowledge and skills, such as flower processing steps, flower arrangement skills and making bouquets. Suitable for those who are interested in the flower industry to browse, learn and communicate.

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