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游文富  YU Wen-Fu

"Yunyun (Cloud)" was created by You Wenfu's 2015 suspension device. Through feathers, steel cables, optical fibers and LED lights, Yun Yu is presented in the work together. The original idea of ​​this suspension system comes from the concept of Chinese characters. In ancient writings, "cloud" is the original word of "cloud". From the analysis of oracle bones, the structure of "cloud" is a curved line under "two" (that is, "upper", which means "sky"), which means the air current flowing in the sky. Later, the seal script added "rain" to it to create a new word "cloud" to emphasize the characteristics of the celestial phenomena. In the "Yunyun (cloud)" suspension device, in addition to explaining the rheological and invisible weather and weather with specific tangible material objects, on the other hand, it also focuses on the meaning of "cloud" and "speaking". And trying to make more poetry into this work, let this space stimulate more reading imagination. This piece uses thin steel wire to tie white feathers to shape the elegant shape and aesthetic image of the clouds. At the same time, it combines the light and darkness of the optical fiber. .






藝術家:游文富 YU Wen-Fu

Born in Douliu, Yunlin in 1968, he moved to Zhushan, Nantou with his parents. Since he was engaged in bamboo crafts at home, he has dyed traditional handicrafts since childhood, and has a strong interest in various arts such as painting, calligraphy and gold stone. He applied to the military academy in his youth and retired after nine years of service, devoting himself to art creation activities.

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