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Floral Art 1 +

The Pool and The Grill opened in 2017 in the iconic and historically landmarked Philip Johnson designed spaces formerly known as The Four Seasons Restaurant.  We developed designs for these rooms, beginning with the travertine lined lobby filled with paintings and sculpture from 1958, the year the Mies van der Rohe building was completed.  Here, our designs are ever-experimental.

In the Grill, a flying saucer of branches exploded with blossom atop the bar, a cloud under the lightning of the Richard Lippold suspended bronze rod sculptures.  Our fruit and vegetable topiary towers graced the display on the chef’s table, a cityscape of leeks, asparagus and rhubarb in spring, turning to cauliflower, romanesco and tropical fruits in winter, all in a Continental and celebratory mode.

In the Pool, a different atmosphere pervaded: a misty mountain of blossom rises from the pool at the center of the room like a vapor, while sculptural branches extended from the bronze orbs floating in the windows. The Pool’s cavernous space became home to the wind and the all the elements, with a delicate, expressive purity.

Photography: Mia Kim








花藝師藝術家:艾米莉·湯普森(Emily Thompson)
Tel:+1 212 882 1384
艾米莉·湯普森(Emily Thompson)在北國佛蒙特州(Vermont)長大,那裡是一個美麗絕倫的地方。她將自己對這個地方,廢墟和荒野的感覺帶入了自己的畫家作品中,從賓夕法尼亞大學的美術學院,賓夕法尼亞大學前往加州大學洛杉磯分校,在那裡她獲得了雕塑碩士學位,並最終登陸新州。約克市。在這裡,她陷入了一大堆荊棘叢生的荊棘叢中,並將其暴露為己任。 埃米莉(Emily)喜歡引用18世紀風景如畫的理論家威廉·吉爾平(William Gilpin)的話,他指示愚蠢和人工廢墟的建造者這樣做,就好像這些廢墟不是經過設計而是自然選擇的一樣。吉爾平寫道,此外,它們必須具有華麗的風格。艾米麗(Emily)的作品,就像她理想的人造廢墟一樣,以宏偉的風格喚起自然。

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