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凱瑟琳娜·斯圖爾特(Katharina Stuart)
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Katharina began exploring the beauties of the natural world in spectacular Switzerland, at an early age. Her desire to bring the awe-inspiring beauty of the outdoors into the home, ignited her passion for floral design. Katharina is a third generation avid gardener and nature lover whose decision to become a professional floral designer has led to an enjoyable 25 years of experience. A lively passion for natural materials and a creative flair enables her to put together the most captivating combinations that create a perfect union. Katharina’s unique and unexpected color fusions intrigue all. She has an artistic eye that is continually scanning for new natural elements for further inspiration.Katharina Stuart has commanded the respect of the floral and event industry. She took first place at the California State Floral Association’s Top Ten Design Competition in 2005, in 2007 she was the runner up at the SAF Sylvia Cup Competition, in 2015 Katharina won the San Francisco Cup and in 2018 she won the FTD America’s Cup which then allowed Katharina to be the USA representative at the FTD World Cup of Floral Design in Philadelphia.卡塔琳娜(Katharina)從小就開始在壯觀的瑞士探索自然世界的美景。她渴望將令人敬畏的戶外美景帶入家中,這激發了她對花藝設計的熱情。卡塔琳娜(Katharina)是第三代狂熱的園丁和自然愛好者,他成為專業花藝設計師的決定帶來了25年的愉快經驗。對天然材料的熱愛和創新的才華使她能夠將最迷人的組合組合在一起,從而形成完美的結合。卡塔琳娜(Katharina)獨特而出乎意料的色彩融合吸引了所有人。她的藝術眼光不斷搜尋新的自然元素,以尋求更多靈感。凱瑟琳娜·斯圖爾特(Katharina Stuart)贏得了花卉和活動行業的高度重視。她在2005年的加利福尼亞州花卉協會十大設計比賽中獲得第一名,在2007年,她在SAF西爾維亞杯比賽中獲得亞軍,在2015年,卡塔琳娜(Katharina)贏得了舊金山盃,在2018年,她又贏得了FTD美國杯允許Katharina成為費城FTD世界杯花卉設計世界杯的美國代表。

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