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1989年生於中國貴州。2008年獲得朱林瑤獎學金赴港就讀香港中文大學,2014年獲得藝術及生物學位一等榮譽。張小黎擅長將傳統中國山水畫的造型語彙,轉化為樂高積木,以當代溝通古典。例如近年製作的「罐頭山水」系列,罐頭山水著意轉化昔日「山水隨身」概念,將造化置於容器中,與後工業時代的產品結合,適凸顯了她在創作中鶴立雞群的面貌,反射鮮明的時代性格。 作為當代香港活躍的藝術新銳之一,張小黎「亦古亦今」之創意,曾於紐約Affordable Art(2016)、布魯塞爾Off Course Art Fair(2015)及香港典雅藝博(2014)展出,廣泛獲得市場之注目和青睞;其近年參加之展覽尚包括,《新古典—當代港式水墨》(台北,2017)、《青春志—北京青年藝術年展》(北京,2016)、《2+2》(香港,2015)、《出爐2014—躍動》(香港,2014),並榮獲許讓成藝術獎及王無邪藝術獎等重要獎項之肯定。 Zhang Xiaoli (b. 1989, China) Born in Guizhou in 1989, Zhang Xiaoli received the Zhu Lin Yao Scholarship and moved to Hong Kong to study in the Chinese University Hong Kong in 2008. She graduated with First Honours in Fine Art and Biology in 2014. Zhang is an expert in transferring the traditional Chinese landscape paintings into Lego-like compositions, combining the old and the new. Zhang’s celebrated series reprises the popularity of fans adorned with landscape paintings in ancient China, and integrates the products of post-industrial era, displaying her unique observation of the society. Being one of the rising young artists in Hong Kong, Zhang’s works are well received in art fairs across the globe, including (New York, 2016), (Brussels, 2015) and (Hong Kong, 2014). She has also exhibited extensively, including (Taipei, 2017), (Beijing, 2016), <2x2> (Hong Kong, 2015) and (Hong Kong, 2014). Zhang is also a recipient of multiple awards such as the Hui Yeung Shing Arts Award and the Wong Wucius Arts Award.


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